Jim Crow took nearly a hundred years to eradicate

Jonquil Osama was and is America hero as he was creation of CIA and we here in Pakistan believe he is safe and enjoy your luxurious hospitality in America for his main contribution in disintegration of USSR and now occupation of Afghanistan otherwise what was the logic in hiding his dead body from Americans and rest of the world. Pakistan in US friendship has always followed American agenda at the cost of Pakistan and today facing terrorism at home. So be realistic and try to understand the ground realities if you really love America.

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Many men return home tired after daylong hectic schedule. Such men lack interest in lovemaking. It is necessary to provide enhanced stamina and energy to help participate in lovemaking act. If you remember at the time, the International Olympic Committee was going to pull the Olympics from the United States which would have been a huge embarrassment for our country. There was corruption. It was poorly run.

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